My Introduction to Glitch

I've been exploring Glitch for a few days now. It is way cool!

I became aware of Glitch while I was doing an in depth exploration of Dat, Beaker Browser and Fritter. I began by exploring some of the apps by clicking on the Preview and View Source buttons.

I got confused when I finally tried the Remix your own button. It took me more than an hour to figure out what was happening when I clicked the Remix your own button. Before I tried it I had seen that each demo app has multiple copies where other people had tried them, each with a funny adjective-noun name like magenta-mouth or incandescent-cut. It seemed like when I clicked Remix you own that I was getting one of those already existing apps. Finally I realized that Glitch was creating a new name for my cloned project. Once I figured that out, I could proceed.

Before I figured it out I had clicked Remix your own quite a few times. I went back and deleted the duplicates.

I've also found it fairly hit or miss to find the original demo app. As an example, in my initial looking around I saw the markdown-webpage app that this page is based on. When I decided I wanted to make this page I searched for 'markdown'. The result page for that search has many remixes of that page but not the original demo. I could use one of those but I had no way of knowing how they might have been modified. Now when I find an app I want to explore I clone it and immediately change the random name to, typically, the orginal name plus my user name.

Those initial blips aside, what I've found is an amazing learning environment. I've had fun playing with the drum machine, modifying some of the sounds into my own version and then trying that out on Beaker Browser.

I don't expect anything I do to go viral but it will be interesting to see what happen when somebody does and how the deployment handles it.


This page was remixed from The original text of that page is below.

Markdown Web Page

This app takes the project's file and converts it into HTML, generating a simple web page. You can edit the content of and your changes will automatically be reflected on your published web page.

It's a handy way to learn Markdown. See this Markdown Cheat Sheet for a guide to the Markdown syntax.

Get Started:

Remix on Glitch

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